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Dragon & Elfs

发行商: Ford gu
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Welcome to a magical world of mysterious elves and magic. Together let us become the saviors of this magical land!

The land of the Elves saw peace for eons, a peace that lasted until the evil dragons attacked.
They devoured everything in their wake. Mountains, rivers, forests, life trees. They spared nothing, leaving Dark Land wherever they went.
The Elf Queen led the Elves in resistance, and while they repelled the dragons for a brief time, they also suffered heavy losses.
And so, in this great crisis your burden is heavy:
You must explore the world and collect treasures
Find Elf Eggs and hatch them
Evolve your Elves and defeat the evil dragons
Free Rukh and heal the corrupted land
Merge miracles and create a beautiful homeland

Game Features
●More than 400 Stages for you to challenge.
●More than 800 magical items for you to collect.
●More than 60 cute Elves for you to find.
●More than 1000 quests for you to complete.
●Countless Dark Land for you to heal in your Home.
●The Elf Queen comes bearing surprises each day.
●Upgrade and evolve your cute Elves.
●Command your Elves to build a beautiful Home.
●Make like-minded friends in-game.

For Beginners
●Placing three identical items next to each other merges them, and by merging items you create new items.
●Placing five identical items next to each other creates an extra reward.
●Try to always match 5 items together instead of 3.
●Rukh is the life force of Elfland. With it you can heal the land and defeat the evil dragons.
●Your progress in a stage is automatically saved and if you close your game, you can continue right where you left off when next you log in.

Special Attention
●If the screen is locked, simply tap the Lock shaped button in the lower left corner to unlock it.
●No matter what happens, don't delete the game, as in doing so you will lose your game progress (Please use cloud saving to save progress at any time)
●Your save files will be uploaded to the server regularly. If there is any problem, please contact us at any time.
●If you have any questions about the game, please send us an email to: moremorechili@gmail

Alright, what are you waiting for, download the game and dive into Elfland!


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