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Earth Weather Live Pro

发行商: Sathish Sha
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Sometimes we need to know the precise weather condition where we’re living in, Earth Weather Live is a weather app, which is used to display the live weather report of our region as well as worldwide. Especially we can search by the country/region/locality to see the live weather report of the place.

In rainy or story times Earth weather live will be more useful for finding what’s happening in weather.
No registration/No login and no details getting from user apart from location to detect the current location of the user.

Height :
Atmospheric pressure corresponds roughly to altitude several pressure layers are meteorologically interesting they show data assuming the earth is completely smooth note: 1 hectopascal (hPa) = 1 millibar (mb)
Surface - the "Surface" layer represents conditions at ground or water level this layer follows the contours of mountains, valleys, etc.
• 1000hPa ~100 m, near sea level conditions
• 850hPa ~1,500 m, planetary boundary, low
• 700hPa ~3,500 m, planetary boundary, high
• 500hPa ~5,000 m, vorticity
• 250hPa ~10,500 m, jet stream
• 70hPa ~17,500 m, stratosphere
• 10hPa ~26,500 m, even more stratosphere

Overlay :
Show another dimension of data using color some overlays are valid at a specific height while others are valid for the entire thickness of the atmosphere
• Wind - wind speed at specified height
• Temp - temperature at specified height
• RH - relative humidity at specified height
• WPD - Instantaneous Wind Power Density. Measure of power available in the wind: ½ρv3, where ρ is air density and v is wind velocity
• TPW - Total Precipitable Water. Total amount of water in a column of air stretching from ground to space
• TCW - Total Cloud Water. Total amount of water in clouds in a column of air from ground to space
• 3HPA - 3-hour Precipitation Accumulation. Amount of precipitation over the next three hours
• CAPE - Convective Available Potential Energy from Surface. Indicates the buoyancy of air, a measure of atmospheric instability and predictor of severe weather
• MSLP - Mean Sea Level Pressure. Air pressure reduced to sea level
• MI - Misery Index. Perceived air temperature as combination of heat index and wind chill
• SST - Sea Surface Temperature. Temperature of the ocean surface
• SSTA - Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly. Difference in ocean temperature from daily average during years 1981-2011
• HTSGW - Significant Wave Height. Roughly equal to mean wave height as estimated by a "trained observer"
• COsc - Carbon Monoxide Surface Concentration. The fraction of carbon monoxide present in air at the earth's surface
• CO2sc - Carbon Dioxide Surface Concentration. The fraction of carbon dioxide present in air at the earth's surface
• SO2sm - Sulfur Dioxide Surface Mass. Amount of sulfur dioxide in the air near the earth's surface
• DUex - Dust Extinction. The aerosol optical thickness (AOT) of light at 550 nm due to dust
• SO4ex - Sulfate Extinction. The aerosol optical thickness (AOT) of light at 550 nm due to sulfate

Projection :
• Atlantis (A)
• Azimuthal Equidistant (AE)
• Conic Equidistant (CE)
• Equirectangular (E)
• Orthographic (O)
• Patterson (P)
• Stereographic (S)
• Waterman Butterfly (WB)
• Winkel Tripel (W3)

Longitude :
• Longitude (-360 - 360). Example: -214.68

Latitude :
• Latitude (-360 - 360). Example: 14.2

Zoom :
• Zoom (0-3000)

Let's fly with the wind..


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