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Calculate the most cost effective production rate for earthworks by adjusting the number of trucks required.

Compatible for iOS 7 and iOS 8. Calculator can use both imperial and metric units. Currency and number format are location specific.

Use this pocket estimating tool to help make decisions on site like:

• A truck is unavailable today, what will that do to my production rate?

• The excavator bucket cycle has decreased, what will that cost me?

• Is it more cost effective to use fewer trucks that have a higher capacity?

• Do I hire the expensive excavator operator with a better cycle time or the cheaper one?

• What will increasing the time for breaks for an excavator operator do to my production rate?

Definition of terms:

• Haul Distance: The distance between the excavation site and the fill / spoil site (one-way).

• Average Speed: The average speed of the trucks along the route between sites.

• Truck Volume: The amount of spoil/fill a truck can haul.

• Dump Time: Extra time required by truck to manoeuvre at fill / spoil site. Can be zero.

• Bucket Volume: The volume of the bucket / scoop of the excavator.

• Bucket Cycle: Time to load bucket + swing with load + dump load + return swing.

• Productive Time: The average number of minutes within an hour that are productive during excavation.

• Actual Production Rate: The production rate taking into account the number of trucks.

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