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Type messages in Russian easier and faster with our extended keys for the your iPhone/iPod Russian keyboard.

NOTE1: Make sure you have your Russian language keyboard selected in your iPhone.
NOTE2: The extension keys only work in this application.
Please check out "Easy URL Keyboard Free" first.


* Arrow keys to move caret right and left faster for easier text editing

* Dedicated Keys equipped above Russian keyboard for typing extend characters, quotation marks and apostrophe and easier

*Russian Word Prediction function

* More dedicated keys appear when iPhone/iPod Touch rotated to type on a larger Russian keyboard

* You can use all functions of the standard Russian Keyboards with this application.
(eg. To type a period(.) and space, you can double-tap the space bar.)

Setting Menu Added (Tap “Tools” icon):

* Auto determination of marks: Timer equipped for auto-determination of marks - you can easily repeat entering same marks with our multi-input keys. (ex. " !! ")

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