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Easy To Use - Microsoft Excel Edition

发行商: Anthony Walsh
价格: 2.99 USD


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Welcome to the World of Microsoft Excel - The World's most favourite and widely used spreadsheet software!

The capabilities of Excel are almost limitless but there are literally hundreds of functions, tips and tricks that you need to master to make the most of this brilliant software.

This app utilises 700 easy to follow lessons that cater for all aspects - from beginners to advanced topics.

Customise your learning experience by selecting favourite lessons and order them as you wish so you can revisit if you forget your favourite lesson!

The lessons are too numerous to list but include:
A First Look At Microsoft Excel
Selection Techniques Training Course
Manipulating Rows And Columns Within Excel
Manipulating Cells And Cell Content In Excel
Worksheets Workbooks Complete Training Course
Font Formatting In Excel
Alignment Formatting Techniques
Number Formatting In Excel
Freeze Panes
Formulas Excel
Charts Graphs
Customizing Excel
Getting Started And Free Download 60 Day Trial - Link
Times Table - Autofill Example
Functions - Autosum - Sum Max Min Average Large Small Abs Power
Calculations - Fibonacci Sequence
Multiple Worksheets - Calculations And Functions Workbook
Worksheet Function Example - Sum Average Median Maximum Minimum
Printing And Print Settings
3 Month Food Supply Excel Calculator Tutorial
Excel Quick Tip How To Add Check Marks To A Table In Excel 2010
Excel 2010 Conditional Formatting
Part 1 - Fundamentals Of Excel 2010
Part 2 - Fundamentals Of Excel 2010
Excel 2010 Tutorial For Beginners - Part 1 - Excel For Noobs
How To Make A Simple Spreadsheet On Excel 2010 Business - Stock Sold
Excel 2010 Tutorial 9 - Absolute Reference Times Table
Excel 2010 - Formulas
Excel 2010 New Features
Linking Data From Different Excel Sheets And Workbooks
Creating A Simple Macro In Excel 2010 - Part 1
Excel 2010 Printing
Excel 2010 Basics - Merging And Splitting Cellsmov
Working With Pivot Tables In Excel 2010 - Part 1
Microsoft Excel 2010 Expert Level 1 Introduction
Microsoft Excel Vlookup Tutorial For Beginners - Office Excel 2003 2007 2010
Microsoft Office 2010 - Excel - Whats New
The Excel Ribbon - A Free Excel Tutorial
Using Smartart Graphics - Microsoft Excel 2010 Tutorial
Microsoft Excel 2010 Tutorial

And hundreds more


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