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easyNag is the most innovative, fastest and simplest app to interact with your Nagios, Icinga, OP5 Monitor, OpsView, Thruk/Naemon, Centreon or checkmk monitoring system.

Setup is easy - just add a new instance with the URL to your monitoring system, your username and password. No server-side modification needed.

If you use PNP, easyNag can also display the graphs of your hosts and services.

With the embedded url scheme (easynag://) you can jump to a host/service or acknowledge it directly from your own notification.

easyNag offers many features to interact with your monitoring system.

• Nagios 3.x / 4.x Support
• Nagios XI API Support
• checkmk Multisite Support
• Icinga API Support
• Icinga Web 2 Support
• Icinga Classic Support
• OP5 Monitor API Support
• OpsView API Support
• Centreon API Support
• Thruk Support
• Naemon Support
• Save multiple instances
• Connect to multiple instances at once
• PNP Graphs
• URL scheme (easynag://)
• Customizable swipe actions
• Master Control for checkmk
• Problems Overview (all services or only unhandled services)
• Hosts Overview
• Service-Detail Overview
• Host-Detail Overview (with services of host)
• Regex keyword filter to hide specific services or hosts
• Acknowledge service or host problem
• Acknowledge with expire time (Icinga, Thruk with Icinga Core, checkmk Micro Core)
• Show author & comment of acknowledgement
• Force recheck service or host
• Disable / Enable notifications of service or host
• Disable / Enable ALL notifications of an instance
• Actions for multiple problems or hosts at once
• Schedule downtime for service or host
• Schedule downtime for all services of a host
• Downtime Overview
• Remove scheduled downtime
• Instant acknowledge problem
• Instant force recheck problem
• Instant disable notifications
• US / EURO / ISO8601 / STRICT-ISO8601 date format support
• Dark Mode Support

Instant ack:
With instant ack you can quickly acknowledge service or host problems. Just swipe the host or service problem far to the right, and the problem will be acknowledged with your default ack message.

URL scheme:
Open host:

Open service:

Acknowledge host:

Acknowledge service:

Nagios XI Note: Minimum required version for all actions is 5.5.0, older versions are still fully supported with Nagios Core.

OP5 Note: Due to it is not possible to execute all commands via the OP5 API, the following actions are currently NOT supported: Remove Acknowledgement, Remove Downtime, Enable/Disable Notifications.

Centreon Note: Due to it is not possible to execute all commands via the Centreon API, the following actions are currently NOT supported: Enable/Disable Notifications, Force Recheck.

For further help, check out the FAQs at our website.

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