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eboo your new eBanking that is activated by touch or look!
Manage your finances with just a few clicks, be it on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Customise your online eboo eBanking service: display what counts for you by choosing your favourite accounts and cards.

Thanks to eboo’s new features, managing your day-to-day operations is even easier and suited to your needs:

• The same interface whatever your device: smartphone, tablet or desktop computer
• Personalised display of your bank accounts and cards
• Manage and create your beneficiaries
• Top up or run down your Easy VISA card
• Create and change standing orders, and duplicate transfers
• Request a change to your bank card limits
• Generate, print and share a bank account identification document

And not forgetting your main operations:
• View your bank accounts and cards: transactions and payments
• Initiate payments: transfers and standing orders
• Access your account and VISA statements , confirmations, debit and credit notices
• Browse your previous transactions: bank transfers, standing orders and direct debits
• Communicate by using the personal and secure messaging service: view or create a new message and reply to messages received
• Manage your personal information

Security is our priority!
To operate in a highly secure environment, to activate the app the first time you will need to use a LuxTrust device. Thereafter use your smartphone’s unlocking functionality (e.g. fingerprint, facial recognition or PIN code).
We are committed to protecting and ensuring the transparency, security and confidentiality of the processing of your personal information, in accordance with European rules in force.

Would you like to become a POST customer?
Simply open a Current Account with POST!
How? Contact a POST office of your choice. You can find more information at

Any questions?
Contact us on 8002 8004 or +352 2462 8004 from abroad (paid service). From Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm, our team will answer all your questions about eboo’s features and innovations.

Do you have any comments or suggestions? Send us a secure message using eboo.


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