Eco Ride Rider

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Just tap the button to order a ride, get picked up by a near by driver and enjoy the low-cost ride to your destination
How to call for a ride with Ecoride Rider app.
• Download the app and register
• Open the app and set your destination( you can also estimate your cost)
• Request Driver to pick you up from your point
• See your driver as comes to pick you
• Enjoy the ride to your destination
• Track your route to your destination
• Pay in cash or in app
Ecoride Rider features
• Estimate the price upfront and know how much you will pay
• The app helps you to set up your location and destination even if you don’t know the exact address
• Add your credit card and wallet and never worry about carrying cash again. You will get a receipt for every trip
• You can rate your ride experience with your driver to help us improve the services we offer.
• You can get promotional discounts and gift vouchers depending on services on offer.
• Ecoride Rider app can be used to book a ride for immediate pick ups or to schedule a ride later.
• You want to stop at multiple places to pick someone or something? our app enables you to have this freedom



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