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Have your name written in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

EgyptoName translate your name (max 48 chars) and create a beautiful page using the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Special features :

- Share with any sharing service (Facebook, Twitter, Sina-Weibo and more).
- You can now have your gadget printed with your name/symbols on it! (t-shirts, mugs, covers, pillows, stickers, sleeves, etc. *prices may vary)
- Create postcards with your Hieroglyphics or the one of your beloved **

How does it work: To have a meaningful translation, is important to understand that the translation should be done only to name (forename), lastname and or nickname, otherwise the concept of translation would not follow the “rules” of the Hieroglyphics phonetics (at the end of the day, who cares… just translated whatever you like! :-), up to a maximum of 48 chars.

The fundamentals of the translation are based on the pronunciation and the phonetic sound of the word. The application translate the occidental-charset based character to the equivalent symbol related to the phonetic translation of that character. Usually, the translation is not based on the 1-to-1 translation char-symbol, as the phonetic sound of the char is predominant into the translation mechanism. So, just mistrust of the apps which provides translation based on the 1-to-1 translation.

EgyptoName will interpret the inserted name, will translate it with the right “phonetic” meaning and will convert it to the right symbol.

You will be able to post the picture in your facebook or twitter profile to surprise friends and your family.

Use EgyptoName to have fun to share the new look of your name.

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