Electric Circuit Simulation

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Electric circuit physics education app is designed for K12 students which helps to learn components of a circuit and logic gates. Our objective is to make science concepts simple to understand for students and get in-depth knowledge of the subject using 3D animations. Each section of the app is explained with diagrams, graphical representations and animations along with simple description explaining the concept.

Features of Electric Circuit Physics Education App:
In this section, gain information about circuit components, combination of resistors and about logic gates through interactive 3D animations.
Electric circuit components - Get knowledge about the process of LDR, LED,Transistors, Relays, Diode, Switch, Capacitors, Transducer, Resistors, Thermistors in an easy way.
Combination of resistors - Practice using combination of several resistors connected in series and parallel to gain complete knowledge about resistors.
Logic gates - Experiment using NOT, OR, AND, NAND, XOR & NOR Gate with interactive circuit diagrams.

2) Practice - This section helps to practice components of electric circuits and logic gates with animations.

3) Quiz - An interactive quiz with scoreboard to access the knowledge gained about electric circuits.

Download the Electric circuit app and other K12 science apps published by Ajax Media Tech to learn science in an easy way. Unlike a static or video based education model, which is non-interactive, K12 simulator apps are fully interactive and developed based on adaptive learning.

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