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Electrical Practice Exam 2018

发行商: Canadian Standards Association
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Canadian Electrical Practice Exam (CEPE) – 2018
If you are serious about becoming a Construction or Industrial Electrician and want to improve your chances of Red Seal exam success, this interactive tool is for you. Based on the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code Part I, the CEPE features nearly 2,100 sample questions and covers each block, task and sub-task in the Red Seals Occupational Analysis for the Construction and Industrial Electrician including:

Construction Electrician:
Block A – Occupational Skills
Block B – Systems, Distribution and Services
Block C – Wiring Methods
Block D – Motor and Control Systems
Block E – Signalling and Communication Systems

Industrial Electrician:
Block A - Common Occupational Skills
Block B – Power Distribution and Generational Systems
Block C – Electrical Equipment
Block D – Emergency and Standby Systems
Block E – Communication Systems
Block F - Process Control Systems
Block G - Building and Environmental Control Systems

With no limit as to how many times this tool can be accessed, and a refreshed set of randomly selected questions each time, users can be confident that they are ready to take the final Certificate of Qualification exam.

Highlights include:
Includes a wrong answer report that shows you the right solution, highlights any relevant code requirements and directs you to the right resources to help you improve
Includes a 3-hour timer allowing you to practice a 'reality' test against the clock to measure your success
Offers a refreshed set of questions each time - no limit on the number of tests you can take
Includes references to the Red Seal program trade outlines
New look making the tool easier to use than ever before
Includes audio narration
Available as a software download
Intended Audience
Electrician Apprentices and Journeymen
Trade Qualifiers
Electrical Contractors / Engineers
Plant Supervisors


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