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Electronics has never been that simple to understand! Join us to learn it!

We bet you have hardly come across such simple texts on principles of physics, radio physics or electronics before!

We provide you with easily understandable information on Joule-Lenz's Law, Ohm’s Law, Hall Effect or p–n junction. We tell you what transistors, diodes, relays or transformers consist of and how they operate. Are you good at microcircuits? Sad to say but even a big number of technical graduates are not good enough at the basics of electronics.

How can we find out which electronic part of the equipment we use has broken down? Can we mend it ourselves? Is it that complicated as they tell us when we get broken devices to get them repaired to a service center and discover that the prices are unreasonably high? How should we look after our household equipment in the right way?

The application contains a big number of articles which provide you with information both on basic concepts and complicated principles of physics as well as plenty of practical suggestions and calculators available in a special application section. We promise the articles are easy for understanding and anyone will be able to manage them.


The application developers are not liable for possible injuries which might be caused by the wrong way of taking measurements, lack of knowledge, experience, skills or due to one’s carelessness or any other reasons as well as for any pieces of electronics or their components and measurement devices functional loss. If it should be necessary, consult a qualified specialist to settle your problem. Take care of yourselves and do not put your life and health at risk, please.

The application features lovely icons developed by Icon8.

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