Ella Spanish Verb Conjugations

发行商: Brian Hemeryck
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Master your Spanish verb conjugation with Ella Verbs! Work your way through 30 levels (6 for free), learning 16 tenses and covering over 1,000 verbs. Our personalised quizzing and progress approach allows you focus on your weak spots and improve faster.


* 30 levels (6 for free) with lessons and quizzes, guiding you through 16 tenses to master Spanish verb conjugation.
* A beautiful verb library of 1,000+ verbs (101 for free), with English translation and irregularity highlighting.
* Track your progress across multiple devices and stay motivated with a daily streak.
* Speaks the answers aloud to help you with pronunciation (on supported devices only – uses built in voice library)
* Supports both European and Latin American Spanish.
* Build your own quiz with our highly customizable quiz builder (Pro only).
* Get daily smart quizzes personalized to your level and progress (Pro only).

We are an Irish couple (Jane and Brian) living in Spain and learning Spanish. We started Ella Verbs as we were looking for a way to improve our verbs and make the jump from intermediate to advanced speakers. We tried many ways (books, apps, tutors – you name it, we tried it!), but never found the one that clicked. So we built it!

Because we're a small team, we personally read and respond to every feedback email and review. So if you have an idea, issue, question or whatever, please get in touch! We really want and listen to your feedback, and regularly release new features and improve existing ones. Together we want to help everyone learning Spanish to master their verbs :)

You can reach us in-app, or by emailing us at jane@ellaverbs.com or brian@ellaverbs.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Ella covers 16 verb tenses across 3 moods:

* Present
* Present continuous
* Present perfect
* Preterite
* Imperfect
* Past perfect
* Informal future
* Future
* Future perfect
* Conditional
* Conditional perfect
* Subjunctive present
* Subjunctive imperfect
* Subjunctive present perfect
* Subjunctive past perfect
* Imperative (affirmative & negative)

Please note, by using Ella Verbs you agree to our terms (https://ellaverbs.com/terms) and privacy policy (https://ellaverbs.com/privacy).

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