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Emergency Call 911™ is the fastest and easiest way to call 911. Emergency 9-1-1™ will revolutionize the way people call their Emergency 911 call centers. No more dialing numbers, just a click of a button and our program will auto-dial 9-1-1 for you, saving time and possibly your life. When a medical emergency occurs, it is essential to reach a 911 operator as quickly as possible. During an emergency every minute can be the difference in life and death, especially for an elderly person living alone, or a child with special needs.

— World's Fastest Dialing Mobile App. Designed Specifically for Elderly People and children with special needs
Emergency Call 9-1-1™: saves time in a medical emergency and more importantly can be the difference in life and death.
Emergency Call 911™ FREE
• Saves time in a medical emergency
• Shorten the time to be connected to the 9-1-1 operator
• Eliminates the need to open a phone and dial 9-1-1
• With a click of a button auto-dials 9-1-1 for you
• Designed specifically for the elderly and children
• Beneficial to people who are visually impaired
• Easy to use for people with poor eye to hand coordination or suffer from diseases like Parkinson’s

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