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EMF Detector - Radiation Meter

发行商: Muhammad Aqib
价格: 0.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone


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In today's era the electronic devices are everywehere including cell phones, cars, emit electromagnetic radiation & EM radiation that can penetrate and affect us physically or medically, seriously compromising our health and disturbing our living environments.

Talking about magnetic radiation, our body is as easily penetrated as air. This means if you are near a powerful EMF, electromagnetic radiation isn’t just around you, it’s inside you. Your body’s electrical signals are well within the range of those that can be stimulated by ambient radio waves, microwaves and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. That harmful, unnatural type of stimulation can seriously impact your bodily health.

EMF Detector Radiation Meter helps you find out the EMF Radiation levels you are exposed to, so you can be alert and safe from EMF and can visualize the radiation on EMF Meter.

EMF Detector - Radiation Meter is very simple to use: open the app and your iPhone will begin to detect the electromagnetic fields nearby, showing you the current emf activity levels. The app will warn you and beeps if the emf activity levels are highger, so you can maually inspect further. The app uses your iPhone's built-in magnetometer sensor to detect electromagnetic field around you.

- Radiation Meter
- EMF Meter
- Reading in MicroTesla(µT)
- Beep on/off option
- EMF Activty Levels

Download EMF Meter - Radiation Detector from the App Store and find out EMF Acitivity levels around you!

Note: To ensure the accuracy of the data keep the iPhone away from metal objects, magnets and speakers.



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