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Emma - Daily Gratitude Journal

发行商: VRV Softech LLP
价格: 0.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone


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Daily Gratitude Journal

• Beautiful, Intuitive Journaling Experience – Adding new entries is very simple and intuitive.

• Easy Journal Entry Navigation – Quickly access previous journal entries by tapping on a specific date in the calendar.

• Reminders – Set daily day and night notifications to ensure you never miss a day of your journaling.

• Passcode Protection – Keep all your journal entries private with secure passcode protection.

• Sync across devices – With all your data stored in the cloud, you can sync entries across multiple devices seamlessly.

- Increases Positivity
- Improves Self-esteem
- Helps You Sleep Better
- Makes You Happier
- Reduces Stress

Some example topics to write about:
People to write about:
• A person you haven’t spoken to in a while
• Someone who lives far away
• Your kid’s teachers
• Your coworkers
• Someone you have a hard time getting along with
• A musician, author or artist whose work particularly inspires you
• A stranger who brightened your day

Things to write about:
• Your morning coffee
• Your favorite food
• Things you use daily
• Your job
• Activities or hobbies you enjoy
• Your body
• Your sense of smell, sight, taste, etc.

Places to write about:
• The city you live in
• Your favorite vacation destination
• Your desk at work
• Your bed
• Your neighborhood park
• Your hometown
• Your favorite store

Ideas to write about:
• A family tradition
• A silly moment
• A struggle you’re facing
• A recent change in your life
• A recent accomplishment
• The current season
• Something new you learned recently


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