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With the Applaud app you'll get:

• Anytime, anywhere access to all of your HR services in one place
• Personalized, branded experiences that are individual to you
• Quick and easy time tracking, absence and holiday entitlement
• Views of performance progress with goal and competency management
• Direct access to forms, such as job change and personal information
And much more.

Before you start:
To use this app, your company will first need to use the Applaud HR platform. If, as an employee, your experience with HR technology is frustrating and not what you’d expect as a consumer, ask your HR or IT department to get in touch with Applaud.

If you use the app and like it, please leave us a review to help bring a new standard of HR technology experiences to organizations and employees all over the world.

About Applaud:
The Applaud HR platform brings the worlds of consumer and employee technology closer together, giving employees the same exceptional technology experiences at work as they expect in their everyday life, as consumers.

The HR platform integrates with your current systems, eradicating their limitations and creating HR technology that employees don’t have to use, they want to use. Applications including Self-service, Time Tracking, Recruitment and Performance can be customized to your users, or individual experiences can be easily built without code.

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