English Irregular Verbs Test

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Test & Practice knowledge of English irregular verbs in a challenging and entertaining way!

English Irregular Verbs Test is an educational game that will train your knowledge of irregular verbs in a few different ways:

* TEST - you have 3 minutes to get through as many verbs as you can in order to get the best score possible. You can make max 5 mistakes in total. Submit your points to an international leaderboard to see who is the best! (you can disable points submissions)
* PRACTICE- play without timer & lives.
* BROWSE- browse through all the words and their past forms. You can choose if you want to see the past forms or not during browsing.
* REVIEW - you can review all your mistakes and correct answers at the end of each round or at the end of the game.


* Educational game about irregular forms of English words
* Local and global leaderboard - review your points and points of other people from all around the world
* Hundreds of words included
* 4 ways to train your knowledge - Test, Practice, Browse, Review Mistakes
* No Ads, No In-App purchases
* Can be played offline without internet


* You will learn Infinitive, Simple Past and Past Participle forms of English words
* You will learn new words & improve your English vocabulary
* You will improve your spelling & typing skills in an entertaining way


There will be shown an infinitive form of an English word and your task is to type a simple past form and part participle form of the shown word. Type both words and tap on a check button to submit your answers. Watch out, you can make max 5 mistakes (in a TEST game mode). Answer both words correctly to receive extra bonus points based on your speed.

We hope you will enjoy our educational game English Irregular Verbs Test!

Thank you for choosing and playing our games!

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