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Enlighten, the app that will help you find your inner peace, get deep sleep, get rid of stress and relax.
With a rich collection of amazing stereo natural sounds, it will take you out of this world.

Life can be hard sometimes, with our daily duties we tend to forget about our mental health.
With the intention to help people Enlighten was crafted, it provides very easy access to stunning natural sounds that energise your mind.You simply choose from any natural environment and select it's variation.Along with the natural sounds,additional sounds and binaural beats are also available and can be played along with the natural sounds.

•Natural Sounds
This is the main element of the app.Select any natural environment and choose from it's variations.
For e.g. choose wind and choose from it's three types of variations.It's that simple.

•Additional Sounds
Extra sounds are also available, simply tap on the desired sound and it will start to play.
To adjust the volume swipe left/right.

•Binaural Beats
Binaural beats can be used to induce certain mental states into your brain, different binaural beats have different effects.
For e.g. listen to delta waves to put your self into deep sleep.
Headphones are required for binaural beats to work.

•Get Notified When Stressed
Enlighten can track and study your health data through out the day and notify you to relax at the end of the day if you are stressed.

Enlighten offers a clear design that allows you to use the app swiftly, it has only essential and high quality content.
The stereoscopic sounds will make you feel like you are actually there in that environment.
With all this put together Enlighten will be the only app your mind will ever need.

*Enlighten requires iOS 8 or later.
*The "Notify When Stressed" feature is not available on iPad and iPhone 4S.
*Enlighten uses data from the Health app on your iPhone for the "Notify When Stressed" feature to work.

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