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eProjector for stylish presentation

eProjector is stylish Presentation Application.
It handles with PDF documents.
The presenter uses iPhone/iPad as a remote controller and controls the audience’s documents on the iPhone/iPad.
You can make smarter and more impressive presentation.
The audience will not bother the presenter's hands turning pages anymore.
The presenter can view the slides in ones hands while going on the presentation.
If you connect iPhone/iPad to projector, you will give a presentation for a lot of people. And you control the slides from your iPhone/iPad.
Laser pointer function supports you to tell thinking smoothly.
eProjector helps you to succeed in important presentation.

1. Remote controlled from iPhone/iPad (Now available to connect multiple devices as audience)
Page Forward, Page Back or Page Jump using Slider
2. PDF file documents display function
3. PDF file documents transfer function
4. PDF file documents import function
iDisk/ WebDAV
Document sharing from iTunes
Import from email attached file
5. Laser pointer function
6. Timer display function
7. Maker function
8. Mirroring while connecting VGA

Bluetooth is necessary to use remote control.
Apple iPad Dock Connector – VGA is necessary to connect iPad to Projector.

Only PDF file is available.
You can use iPhone or iPad as Presenter or Audience.
You can’t save drawings written by maker.

Produced by e-Workshop

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