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发行商: Leanne Cunningham
价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone



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Welcome to Equi-Pole The Polework App, a revolutionary Polework App specifically designed by a Nationally Qualified Coach with over 20 years experience who specialises in pole work sessions and clinics.

Our aim is to help both professionals and riders from all disciplines enjoy pole work sessions as a part of their training programme, either ridden or from the ground.

Coaches, do you sometimes run out of ideas for lessons? Or don’t feel confident including pole work in your training programmes? - This app is for you!

Riders, need inspiration to mix up yours schooling sessions? Or want help introducing yourself or your horse to pole work? - This app is for you!

No more flicking through books before you get on, or having printouts in you pocket while you ride, with a simple click of the finger you will have access to all this:

- 3 separate difficulty levels ranging from beginner to advanced,
- 3 different layouts per difficulty,
- 81 adaptable exercises with listed Aims, Benefits and Top Tips,
- Professionally curated Coach Notes,
- Professionally designed Pole Spacing guidelines and diagrams,
-Fun Challenges for each layout.

Just think, you can now take every layout and exercise complete with easy to follow diagrams into each pole work session in this small and powerful app! It’s like having a Coach in your pocket!

And that’s not all! This is just the start for Equi-Pole! We are aiming to add more layouts and more exercises to continue to craft this into the best Polework App available!


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