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Equine iQ

发行商: Kaukalo Solutions Oy
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone


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It's all about the Horse being in the Center.

Equine iQ is made for horse owners by horse owners and from the basic need to look after our valued equine companions. In Equine iQ you can keep your horse’s training log and see training Trends, have Sticky notes for daily reminders, set up Health tasks, add Health and wellbeing events as well as log vet and farrier visits. In Feeding section you can plan your horse’s daily feeding instructions and follow up on how the horse has been fed. You can manage feeding groups according to your needs. You can also add products to shopping list. In Tackroom have all your tack sorted and inventoried in one place as you like, mark items needing care, know if you have surplus of items which you can sell or recycle. See all your training events and trainings in Event log. Health section combines all your horse’s health events and records to a log – easy to plan and follow your horse’s wellbeing. The team around your horse is important – you can share your horses individually to different team members – in People section you see who has access to your horse. You can choose to whom you want to share your horse data – the co-rider, the groom, the stable manager, your trainer, vet or farrier. All team members who have the horse shared have access to and can add and modify horse information – all information is at your use when you need it. In Places you can keep track where you have been with your horse.

The Equine iQ is purchased by the horse owner or person who adds the horse to the app, and the team around particular horse uses the app free of charge. The Equine iQ subscription is based on number of horses you create (1-2, 3-5 or 6-10 horses) all features are included in your subscription.

You are not left alone if you have poor network connection – Equine iQ works also offline.
Equine iQ stores your horse’s data to encrypted cloud database.
Light and dark modes are naturally available.

Equine iQ helps you to:

- have your horse’s information up to date on feeding, training, tack, health and team
- keep track your trainings and rate training intensity
- follow performance in trends
- log health and wellbeing events
- keep your competition scores and judge reviews stored
- add sticky notes and health task reminders
- check daily feeding
- see at glance which tack items have been used in trainings, are currently in use or need maintenance
- check what’s on shopping list
- share and give access to your horse for your team members
- find all pictures added to your horse, training, feeding, tackroom, health, notes in Library

Equine iQ - Know your horse.

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