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"EuroMillions" is the best APP for the lottery fans to get the information of EuroMillions. It let you quickly and easily check the latest lottery results. It's also provided with purchase management function and numbers select function.

So you must have this APP if you play EuroMillions!


[Function List]

· Latest Result

Provide the latest result and detail of EuroMillions. You can check the latest winning numbers and lottery video .
After the lottery result updates, notification will be sent to your cell phone, never miss the lottery.

· Checker

You can select 5+2 numbers, it can help you to check how many balls you have matched (in the last 50 draw).

· Results History

Including the latest one, you can see the recent 50 draw lottery winning numbers and detailed information.
( It's the best way to checking the correct numbers. )

· Millionaire Maker & My Millions

Provide the recent 50 draw lottery winning numbers and quick check function.

· Numbers Management

it can help you to see how many balls you have matched in the latest draw. You can effectively manage your lottery tickets.

· Statistics

To view the common digital ranking from the past winning numbers. It contain:
* Top number - the most frequently occurring digital
* Top Pairs - the most frequently occurring pairs
* Top Triplets - the most frequently occurring triplets
Try to forecast the winning numbers in the future by this data.

· Multi Language

Support 12 languages : English, German, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Croatian, Estonian, Icelandic, Russian

Welcome to use this APP as a lottery management tool.

( Notice : APP data is for reference only. In the event of any dispute, the official websites shall prevail. )

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