eVario - Variometer Paraglider

发行商: Jean-Marc Meyer
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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eVario is your connected flight navigation companion during and after your adventure trip, helping you to visualise relevant data, assist you while progressing in the air by returning visual and acoustical feedback.

eVario is a 9-axis measurement (accelerometer, gyrometer, gps), barometer assisted, connected and intuitive instrument with a polychrom display, exploiting the embedded device’s hardware and accurate sensoric, without need to connect external devices. It typically provides real time information of a variometer like altimeter, speedometer, odometer, chronometer, gyrometer, anemometer for every (air)craft pilot. Its configurable cockpit allows you to keep track of the most relevant to you. The integrated data logger automatically records your 3D location and provides the recorded track file to e.g. your iCloud Drive for track visualisation or flight metrics.

Turn on & Fly!
No need for additional/external hardware.

eVario is mainly designed for paragliding/hang-gliding, but may be used as well while biking, hiking, running, sailing, skiing, flying, …

Optimised for low battery usage, the app lets you:
▶ PLAN AHEAD: Check detailed weather conditions (emagram) over days for your safety, in Europe. Check surroundings and thermal hotspots on the topographic outdoor map.
▶ PLAN LANDING: Set a marker e.g. at the landing area and get assistance when approaching.
▶ TOUCH&GO: Turn on & Go fly! The cockpit shows real-time data after a short automatic instrument calibration.
▶ TAKE OFF: Automatic track recording is taking place in background and take-off altitude is referenced.
▶ STAY IN CONTROL: Control the behaviour, update rate, unit of the instruments, anytime and anywhere. Select a pre-defined setting profile matching thermal conditions.
▶ THERMALLING: Get acoustical and visual feedback of the encountered thermals and easily locate them when returning back.
▶ BE EFFICIENT: Track wind estimation, direction and force, to soar or prepare your landing.
▶ FIND LANDING: At e.g. a new site, locate the marked landing zone.
▶ REVIEW TRACK: Visualise the past track on 4 map styles or show the track elevation profile graph in animated or interactive mode.
▶ MANAGE LOGBOOK: Access each individual track record time stamped file, synchronise them with your iCloud. Personalise eVario to contain glider/user information.
▶ DO MORE: Re-Play your 3D flight e.g. in GoogleEarth, Analyse flight metrics in BaseCamp.

▶ Clear dashboard of digital real time data
▶ Advanced interactive cockpit with configurable measurement field display
▶ Access a large number of settings directly impacting sensoric, display, acoustic or interaction
▶ Unlimited GPS tracks and waypoints saves
▶ Support of metric and imperial unit system
▶ Support of GPX/IGC record formats
▶ Automatic tracking start/stop upon movement detection
▶ Automatic GPS track recording
▶ Logbook with individual 3D GPS track records (timestamp, latitude, longitude, elevation) supporting derived data analysis
▶ Manage/Share track files from within integrated file browser

▶ Visualise your position, track line, thermal hotspots, sites, weather data on map
▶ Map enhancement by overlaid instruments like altitude, speed or ascent
▶ Map style selection: choose from 4 styles including terrain (dark/bright), topo and satellite
▶ Offline map downloads worldwide! Including topographic data, peak names and heights
▶ Unlimited map downloading for offline use (saves mobile data)
▶ Waypoint setting

▶ Advanced interactive assistance with voice coaching
▶ Pre-defined setting profiles for weak, normal and strong thermals
▶ Connected variometer (map, detailed/layered meteorological weather data, SOS)

▶ Bar graph for vertical ascent/descent with peak hold functionality
▶ Visualise current and last track elevation profile versus time
▶ Visualise altitude on graph

*Supported Languages
▶ English
▶ French
▶ German
▶ Spanish

More on the developer's website.

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