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Ez Dive Planner

发行商: New Vision Promotions LLC
价格: 0.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Ez Dive Planner is an easy to use and simple dive planner using PADI dive tables with a clear display you already understand. It automatically calculates your pressure groups and can even find your minimum surface interval. It’s quick and simple and super easy to use.

To calculate your pressure groups just enter your depth (feet or meters) and time (min) for your first dive. Then enter your surface interval between dives in minutes. After that enter your second dive depth and time the same way, and the program will calculate your final PG, ABT, RNT, TBT and new no decompression limit.

To calculate your minimum surface interval between dives enter the depth and time of your first dive. Then enter the depth and time of your second dive. The program will now find your minimum surface interval and then calculate your final PG, ABT, RNT, TBT and new no decompression limit.

This program uses only the standard PADI dive tables. It can NOT calculate reverse profile dives. Reverse profile dives are when the second dive is deeper than the first. Unless you absolutely know what you are doing always dive shallower than the last dive.

Disclaimer: This application is not a replacement for diving tables, dive computers, or experience. Please do not rely on Ez Dive Planner as your sole dive planner and make sure to double check all information before diving. Ez Dive Planner will not be held liable for misuse of this product or the data that it gives. Diving is a risky sport and safety should always be first.


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