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FanFight has been one significant portal that’s made Fantasy Sports, especially Fantasy Cricket more accessible for over 3.5 million fantasy players. Just when you thought fantasy sports couldn’t get any better, we’ve designed an all new & improved version of this marvelous portal. Welcome to FanFight 2.0. Hop on as we introduce you to some exciting features we’ve come up with on the iOS app. Play fantasy cricket & win big every day.

Create your best 11-man fantasy cricket team, beat cricket fanatics and earn cash. Daily fantasy sports just got better.


Registration on FanFight is extremely simple. It’s an absolute cake walk! You get an instant joining bonus & also a bonus on referrals. You can also create private leagues where you can challenge your sports fanatic mates, beat them & show them who the real sports buff is. If you think that’s exciting, you’re in for an absolutely magnificent fantasy sports journey. The following are our awesome features and we can’t wait for you to try them.

New User Interface: We’ve always thrived on bringing to you the most attractive and the most friendly interface. If you think the previous iOS interface was good. Guess what? The new look and the ease of playing fantasy sports have certainly gone up a notch. Welcome to the amazing world of FanFight and we hope you enjoy it.

6-players to 11-man team: Choosing 6 from a possible 22 was slightly tricky and we’ve tweaked that format for you. You can now pick 11 players, choose the various player combinations and start winning.

Safe Edit: We’ve got an exciting new feature on FanFight termed ‘Safe Edit’. This helps you change your fantasy cricket team until the first delivery is being bowled. The Safe Edit option helps you pick players who are certainly featuring in the line-up. Choose wisely, win more.

PDF Download: Always wondered who the other fantasy players have included in their teams? We’ve got you covered here as well. You can now download a PDF file containing the list of players your opponent has chosen, their captain & vice-captain picks.

Team Cloning: We’ve introduced the new ‘Cloning’ feature on FanFight. This helps you pick the same combination of players and the same captain & vice-captain picks. However, you can use this feature and create only 10 similar teams.

Play more, win more and win with a lot of styles.


FanFight tries to improve your chances of winning by featuring almost every cricket, kabaddi & football game. All you’ve got to do is click on the fixture you want to participate in, choose a cash contest, create your best fantasy cricket/kabaddi/football team & you’re ready to win. You can make as many changes before the ticker goes 0. Your sporting knowledge will help you win cash every day. Why let it go? Play now, win now on FanFight.


Your points and ranks for the fixture you’ve participated in are updated in a jiffy. The fantasy cricket players you pick to perform in real-time and the fantasy player with the maximum points not only win bragging rights but also cash. Get in there & start winning.


FanFight is only a touch away and your chance to win here has only magnified with the new version. What are you waiting for? Winning starts here and it certainly provides you with an opportunity to be a FANTASY SPORTS CHAMPION. Download the FanFight App & Win Big every match.

Love this app? Rate us! Your feedback will help us get better.

"FanFight is not associated with any governing body of cricket, domestic or international cricket league/tournament or participating team, or player and does not claim any official status or endorsement from any entity or person. FanFight does not facilitate, aid, support or encourage betting or gambling."

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