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Fantastec SWAP

发行商: Fantastec Sports Technology Ltd
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NFTs of your football moments! Join hundreds of thousands of fans to satisfy your collector’s mentality with true football memorabilia! #ForTheFans

Kick-off the season with brand new Arsenal F.C, Arsenal Womens, Real Madrid and Real Madrid Womens collectibles. With many more huge clubs already on the way.

Fantastec SWAP’s innovative blockchain technology allows fans at the furthest reaches of the world to discover, collect and swap officially licensed football trading card collectibles with complete trust.

The free-to-play football NFT game allows you to become part of the movement. Content is officially and exclusively from these massive clubs. Open packs, collect NFTs across 15 different levels, view valuable digital content, complete challenges, and SWAP with anyone across the globe.

Keep up-to-date with our in-app SWAP news.

New Features:

• Real Madrid and Real Madrid Womens NFTs are coming to SWAP!

• SWAP DROP - A new way to find rare NFTs. We’ll be dropping high level NFTs into lower level packs to give you a chance to hunt for them!

Existing Features:

• Certified club content that you will only be able to get on SWAP in the form of collectibles, video and your very own authentic player signatures. Owned by you and only you.

Collect your favourites

• Real Madrid: Eden Hazard, Vinicius Jr., Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric & Karim Benzema

• Arsenal: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette & Nicolas Pepe

• Start collecting from a pool of 4 clubs – Arsenal F.C., Arsenal Women F.C., Real Madrid and Real Madrid Women.

• SWAP with anyone globally, secured on our blockchain technology. No cheats here.

• Keep in the loop with our regular SWAP new updates for your favourite teams.

• SWAP is supported in English, German & Spanish.

Stay in touch! SWAP is an ever-growing ground-breaking app built the way that you want it. Please send any feedback to

• Follow us on Twitter: @FantastecSwap
• Like us on Facebook:
• Follow us on Instagram: Fantastec SWAP
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