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Looking for non-executive jobs in Singapore? FastJobsSG is SG #1 non-executive job search site with many job opportunities for full-time, part-time, contract job roles across multiple industries that you can apply for under 30 seconds. Start finding jobs near home, jobs with no experience or simply discover jobs based on your search preferences in just a tap. You can be a student looking to work part-time, mum looking for jobs near home, a senior citizen looking for flexible jobs or anyone who is looking for a full-time job opportunity. FastJobs has a solution for all your job hunt requirements. At FastJobsSG new jobs across multiple industries are added every day, so download the app now and apply for multiple job openings that you find relevant to your profile. You can create an account by just entering your basic details, FastJobs also helps you to create a professional resume within the app itself, in case you don’t have one. At FastJobs you can directly connect with the employers real-time and receive responses fast With FastJobs in-app chat. You can easily register for an account on FastJobs via email or Facebook without any hassle. Download FastJobs App now start applying for jobs today!

Apply for Jobs Fast: your next job in just 3 easy steps!

1. Register for a free account with basic details and skill sets - Update your profile and create a professional resume within FastJobs app

2. Search for jobs by interest, and filter jobs by salary, location (such as Yishun ,Jurong, Tampines etc), job functions (such as retail jobs, admin jobs, logistics jobs, customer service, security jobs jobs etc), job industry (hotel, retail, F&B) and job type (full-time job, part-time job, contract job) - within 30 seconds

3. Get in touch with the employer directly for jobs with just a tap with FastJobs in-app chat

Apply for latest jobs according to your interest – Many job options to choose from:
-Apply for jobs according to your interest and search history with FastJobs discover jobs

-New jobs added everyday - go to latest jobs and apply for many new job openings across multiple industries

-Save jobs that you like and apply later - Some jobs are valid just for a week so apply soon.

-Start applying for jobs now and accept job interviews with your preferred employer
The FastJobs team would like to thank you very much for your support and we deeply appreciate your feedback since we launched. Your feedback has contributed to our updates and improvements, and we will continue to improve. Please rate us below and let us know what you feel about FastJobs. We will continue making improvements to help you find better job opportunities. Please email us at if you require any assistance

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