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Do you know why people love using FatCaliper+ to help them with calculating and tracking their body fat, and getting into the best shape of their lives? Just check out what the experts are saying...

“As a professional athlete, maximizing my muscle composition is critical to my success. FatCaliper+ has made tracking my body composition convenient and easy. And with being a successful gym owner, the added bonus to this phenomenal app is that I can track all of my clients’ measurements. With the new version of FatCaliper+, the developers actually improved upon perfection. Aesthetically, the new design is fantastic. And having it seamlessly sync with Apple’s Health app has easily put FatCaliper+ in the top 5 apps on my iPhone.”

- Garrin Clark, WPC Deadlift World Record Holder & World Champion, AWPC Deadlift World Record Holder & World Champion, 3x IKGA Pro World Kettlebell Champion

FatCaliper+ is designed to help you easily and accurately measure, calculate and track body fat using clinically-proven methods. Combining FatCaliper+ with any body fat caliper, or a tape measure and bathroom scale, is the quickest and least expensive way to measure body fat in the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

Body fat caliper or tape-based testing costs less than a single body fat analysis from a doctor or health clinic and can be just as accurate. The ability to calculate and track body fat for multiple individuals also makes FatCaliper+ the perfect tool for families, as well as personal trainers and other health and fitness professionals.

FatCaliper+ is able to calculate your approximate body fat based on any of the following industry-standard body fat calculation methods and formulas:

• Jackson-Pollock 3
• Jackson-Pollock 4
• Jackson-Pollock 7
• Durnin-Womersley
• Yuhasz
• Parillo
• US Navy
• Body Mass Index (BMI)
• FatCaliper+ (Our new and proprietary 3-spot formula)

After you’ve measured your body fat, easily track long-term progress using built-in graphs that display an unlimited history of body fat percentage, total body weight, lean body weight and BMI - all in easy-to-read charts.

We’ve been listening to user feedback on the AppStore and at Fitties.com. Version 4 of FatCaliper+ is packed with tons of features, including:

• Convenient 'User Tray’ that allows you to quickly switch between multiple users with a single tap, then collapses to save valuable screen space
• Integration with Apple's Health app
• New 3-spot FatCaliper+ formula, which is only available on FatCaliper+
• US Standard (inches / pounds) and Metric (centimeters / kilograms) formulas, which can be auto-configured based on your geographic location
• New graphing framework that tracks Body Fat %, Total Body Weight, Lean Body Weight and BMI, and displays history by week, month, year or all-time
• Body fat goal setting and tracking
• 'Notes' area within user profiles, which allows you to create and edit custom notes for any user
• Interactive 3D models with enhanced measurement location indicators and descriptions
• Edit user profile information anytime, including name, age, height and photo
• Easily swipe to switch between calculation methods
• Add past measurements to user profiles

Health and fitness professionals recommend measuring and tracking body fat to maximize fitness levels and improve quality of life. For anyone on a weight management program, this is also critical to seeing progress and staying motivated.

Get FatCaliper+ and experience just how easy managing body fat can be.

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