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For your personal development and work on yourself, choose the unique Feel the Energy meditation application which will become your loyal companion in establishing a sincere and solid connection with yourself. We all carry a spark of the divine within us, which we can, with the help of Fell the Energy meditation app discover again and change the direction of our life toward peace, joy and happiness.

The Feel the Energy meditation app is an ideal solution for decompressing stress, anger, low emotions that lead you away from a peaceful, orderly, happy life, and harmonious interpersonal relationships.

The Feel the Energy meditation app is for everyone, regardless of whether you have just decided to take the first steps toward yourself and have never meditated before, or whether you are intermediate or advanced meditator, and you have already felt meditation beneficial effects.

Living in the past is a huge burden. Main advantage of meditating with the help of the Feel the Energy app is a significantly greater awareness of this moment, real acceptance of life events as they occur and an opportunity for a fast-personal growth and development.

Download of the Feel the Energy meditation app is completely free of charge and allows you to enjoy one meditation for free, read the Sun and the Moon Horoscope and articles that describe the functioning of the spiritual world and illuminate the development of humanity.

The app enables the purchase of meditations (7 or 31 meditations in length of 10 minutes per session) and the purchase of De Le Roi energetic cosmetics, energy cards and other products. Daily intensive meditation is available for only 50 cents a day as a monthly subscription. The benefits of daily meditation are in faster personal progress and intense work on yourself, but the decision about the speed of change is always yours.

The Feel the Energy meditation is prepared and led by Sandi Dolinar. Sandi has over 17 years of experience in meditation guidance. With his spiritual abilities, he helps people on their path to enlightenment and personal transformation. Experience has shown that those who attend his meditation classes begin to change intensively, evolve through inner work, and continue to improve their lives.

We look forward to your responses and are grateful to all the brave people who shared it with us:

First of all, thank you Sandi and the spiritual world. Who was with us? I felt meditation very strongly throughout the whole body, pulsing in the legs, then a soft stroke of energy. The feeling of peace and fulfilment embraced me. Decisiveness, compassion for oneself, encouragement for creativity, the way forward without fears and worries. And it's still going on.
Sandi thanks again for a wonderful journey. At the beginning, I felt a slight nausea and pain in my plexus, which later disappeared. After a while I felt a tingling sensation in my whole body which lasted during entire meditation. The feeling of lightness lasted and lasted. In a word, very nice sense of self-awareness. Thanks, from the heart.

My feelings after meditation are almost unbelievable. At first, I thought nothing would happen, but then I started to smile, the next moment, all my emotions were mixed up, joy, sadness, laughter, crying, which I could not control. I felt tears running smoothly down my cheeks, and this lasted for several minutes, and then this feeling of bliss and lightness followed, as if some kind of burden was removed from my body. Unbelievable, I still cannot believe this is possible, however, I can only say THANK YOU.

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