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Feng Shui Master

发行商: Takis Karagiannopoulos
价格: 22.99 USD


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The App "Feng Shui Master" is an essential useful, a "must have" professional tool for Professionals Feng Shui Practitioners, but also useful for the beginners.

This Application Includes:

01) Flying Stars Feng Shui:
- Calculation the Flying Stars of the building with the option if you want to use Replacement Stars.
- On the Flying Stars Map also includes the Monthly and Annual Stars for easy reading.
- Hourly, Daily, Monthly and Yearly Flying Stars
- Castle Gate
- Communication Facing - Sitting
- Qi Activating, Sun and Moon Formula
- 28 Constellations
- Zheng Shen - Ling Shen and Zhao Shen
- San Sha of the Year
- Ba Zhai Chart
- Tong Shu: Sky Horse, Peach Blossom, Red Peach Blossom, Nobleman, 3 Killings, Heavenly Wealth, General Star, Golden Carriage, Flying Heavenly Wealth, Fortune Virtue, Dragon Virtue, Golden Lock, Duke Virtue, Greater Delight, Duke Combo, Month Emptiness, Strong Man, Five Prosperity, Five Ghost, Earth-Heaven Officer.

02) Water Methods Techniques:
Easy calculation for installation of water. Examine the Methods:
- Shui Long Fan Gua
- Five Ghosts Garry Money
- 12 Growth Phases - Di Li Wu Jue
- Eight House Growth Prosperous Verse
- Huang Quan - Yellow Spring
- He Tu Water
- Ba Sha
- Post Horse
- Peach Blossom
- Officer
- 6 Harms
- Huang Quan - Yellow Spring
- Goat Blade
- Yang Ren
- Xian Tian and Hou Tian

03) Xuan Kong Da Gua:
Just enter the Facing/Door and Water degrees and you will have all the information you need.
- Sheng Shen / Ling Shen
- Hexagrams Palace and Family
- Blood Link Family’ s
- Sheng in and Ke in
- XKDG Combinations

04) Ba Zi - Four Pillars Gold Version:
The Master Feng Shui includes the “Ba Zi Four Pillars Gold Version” application.
Precise and easy calculation of the Four Pillars.
- Dong Gong Date Selection and Special Day
- 64 Hexagrams
- Auxiliary Stars
- Strengthening of the Day Master
- Qi Men Dun Jia Destiny Palace
- Xuan Kong Da Gua Combinations

05) Nine Star Ki Astrology:
Easy calculation of your 9 Ki Stars.
- Annual and Monthly Sword Sha Directions
- Yearly Life Sha and Life Focus Sha Directions
- Monthly Life Sha and Life Focus Sha Directions
Annual and Monthly Shan Sha

06). Luo Pan Compass
Just add the Year of Construction and the Facing Degrees of the Building and you will have live all the necessary information, such as:
- Facing Degrees
- Eight Directions
- 12 Earthly Branches
- 24 Mountains Direction
- 24 Mountains Earth Plate
- 24 Shan Na Gua Earth Plate
- 24 Mountains Heaven Plate
- 24 Shan Na Gua Heaven Plate
- Earth Plate & Heaven Plate Communication Trigrams
- 24 Seasonal Points
- Qi Men Dun Jia
- Great Sun Formula
- Great Moon Formula
- 60 Jia Zi Na Yin - 120 Dragons
- 72 Dragons
- 64 Hexagrams
- Hexagrams Palace & Family
- Hexagrams Out of Gua
- Flying Stars Chart
- Annual and Monthly Flying Stars
- Ba Zhai 8 Mansions Chart
- Sitting Degrees

07). Ming Gua (Life Gua) Chart:
- Fortunate and Harmful Directions
- Peach Blossom and Red Blossom
- Favorable and Unfavorable Floors Buildings
- Birth Day Favorable and Unfavorable Days

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