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Fertility Friend FF App

发行商: Tamtris Web Services Inc.
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Fertility Friend is the most trusted and accurate fertility tracker. This app is an advanced ovulation calculator, menstrual calendar, fertility chart and period tracker. It works to help you get pregnant because it interprets your own personal fertility signs. Fertility Friend creates an exclusive fertility chart and ovulation calendar with personalized trying to conceive tips and analysis.

Track your period and other fertility signs (basal body temperature/BBT, cervical fluid, symptoms, etc). Fertility Friend will alert you to your ovulation date and the best days to conceive and offer personal, timely insights.

Fertility Friend will quickly teach you how to track your fertility signs, show you what they mean and display your ovulation and fertile days on a calendar and a fertility chart.

Fertility Friend includes extensive education, advanced tools and tips to give you the knowledge you need to feel confident and empowered.

Once pregnant you can follow your pregnancy on the integrated Pregnancy Tracker.

Fertility Friend’s fertility tracker is the perfect complement to the website.

Experience matters: 650,000+ pregnancies (and counting!)
The most sophisticated, accurate and comprehensive analysis of your fertility signs.

* Color coded fertility calendar: Your period, fertile days, ovulation and more at a glance.
* Fully integrated with the website. Benefit from accurate ovulation prediction, automatic ovulation detection, BBT chart pattern analysis and an extensive set of features on the web site. No sync or upload of data required.
* Optional short passcode to protect your fertility tracker App from unwanted attention.
* Full data entry for fertility tracker including period, basal body temperature (BBT), cervical fluid, daily notes, your custom symptoms, meds, default data and much more...
* Menstrual cycle statistics- convenient record of your cycle length, period dates, ovulation dates, cycle phase lengths, and symptoms
* Offline data entry and review when Internet access is not available.
* Optional Alarm to remind you of your data entry, morning basal body temperature (BBT).
* Extensive educational resources: Educational videos, tutorials, quizzes and eBook.
* Optional Widget: Create your own graphical fertility tracker and display it on your home screen.
* Weight Chart & Tracker
*Gallery of ovulation charts- hundreds of thousands of fertility charts, see real BBT chart patterns
*Fertility chart sharing page (optional)
*BBT chart creation and coverline
*Automatic ovulation detection based on your own fertility signs.
*use Fertility Friend’s advanced (default) accurate ovulation detector or choose ovulation detection based on the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)
*Fertility chart interpretation games

Premium Features available via in-App membership purchase:
* Advanced data analysis tools to monitor your cycles, basal body temperature (BBT) pattern and fertility data
* Vibrant community with enhanced privacy
*Pregnancy Monitor
* Pregnancy Tracker: once pregnant, use the pregnancy tracker to follow your pregnancy.

Fertility Friend dramatically improves your chances of conception.

Support, Bug Reports & Suggestions:

IMPORTANT LIMITATIONS: This calendar uses only approximate prediction and cannot be used to schedule procedures, avoid pregnancy or anything where more accuracy would be required. It is intended for educational use only. Use at your own risk. Please consult your health care provider for any health concern.


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7920 条评价

Helpful data, Informative interpretation

When I first downloaded this app I was overwhelmed. I had downloaded nearly every tracking app I could find. I wanted to enter data into all of them so I could determine which app was best/most accurate. Now I only use this app, the Premom app for scanning my ovulation test strips, and the Ava app for capturing stats from my Ava bracelet. All of the data from the other apps though I consolidate into FF. Here’s why:1) privacy. FF is more concerned about my privacy than even I am sometimes. So much so they don’t link to Apple Health. This is fine by me though. I wrote a shortcut that adds my BBT (basal body temps) to a note and also logs it in Apple Health. I then later use the note to log my temp in the FF app. 2) I LOVE how the app interprets my data and gives me feedback/warnings. I have irregular cycles so it’s helpful to read encouraging articles and see charts like mine to know it is still possible to get pregnant. 3) there are a million and one ways to look at your own data. There’s charts where you can overlay past data curves to see trends or anomalies. You can add multiple curves to your current chart so you can track multiple things (for a while I was doing oral temps, vaginal temps, and Ava temps; now I only do oral and Ava; I also log my resting heart rate from the Ava app)4) you can customize the data points you want to see all the time. The only frustration I have is the limited flexibility in putting your favorites in your own order. Any custom data points you add can’t be sorted with any data points that already exist in the app. They have to come either all before or all after the default points. This makes sense but it’s probably the only thing that annoys me5) I LOVE that there is my own website I can share with my doctors so they can see my charts in real time. And I can choose to share as much or as little data as I want on that site. I think I’ve been using this app since August 2020. I am not pregnant yet but, like I said, I have irregular cycles. This app has taught me more about my body than anything else out there. I am hopeful we got our timing right this month. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻


Best for tracking cycle

I’ve tried at least 5 different apps since trying to get pregnant and this one is by day the best. Easy to use, easy to read, highly recommend.


Best app for TTC!

FF really helped me nail down my ovulation date and made it so much more accurate for our TTC journey. It took us 10 cycles but after our 4th month tracking with FF, we got pregnant! So thrilled to be leaving this review and grateful for the help fertility friend gave us.


Hands down the only one worth it

Data driven to a tee, customizable to any situation, and insights and charts to compare it to. This is literally the only fertility app you’ll ever need.


Thankful for FF

I began using fertility friend in 2005, I believe. This was before it was an app. I accessed thru internet and I believe they were collecting data at that time to become so smart. Fertility Friend has given me more powerful information and insight into my body and hormones thru the years than any doctor or lab tests ever could have. I believe they have done so much to advance women’s health and awareness. Fertility Friend deserves an award! I have seen so many period or fertility apps since but I know that they don’t compare to the longevity or data that FF has (or usability!) Golden - FF is golden.


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