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12 months of the hottest real Australian firefighters from all around the country. They are
hot, fit and sexy firemen who train their hardest all year long to stay in top shape in order to
meet the rigorous requirements that comes with the very important job of saving lives.
This year we had so many fantastic looking firies we had to make 2 Hot firefighter calendar
In ‘Hot Firefighter 1’ calendar we feature aviation, metropolitan and rural firefighters. Jase is
our first Darwin based firefighter. He also features on the front cover of our 2019 Australian
Firefighters Animal calendar and has a month in both our 2019 cat and dog calendars!
The Firefighters Calendar is proud to have contributed over $3 million dollars in its 26 year
history donating to various charities including:
*Mates4Mates supporting our wounded, injured & ill current and ex-serving Australian
Defence Force personnel and their families.
*Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital giving injured wildlife a second chance & playing a vital role
in saving Australia’s native species.
*Animal rescue shelters including Healing Hooves who rescue unwanted horses & ponies
from slaughter and repurpose them for organisations, schools and special needs therapy
Safe Haven Animal Rescue a not-for-profit group of volunteers working together to
rehabilitate and rehome cats & dogs. They specialise in animals with paralysis, congenital
issues, cleft palates and anything in between.
*Cancer Council Australia who fund world class research & offer support services to those
affected by cancer.
*The Salvation Army provides social services including aged care, disability services, disaster
relief & support, human trafficking & slavery, missing persons, homelessness support &
domestic violence.
*The Australian Firefighters Calendar has a long history of supporting the Children’s Hospital
Foundation & the Westmead Children’s Hospital Burns unit to purchase much-needed
medical equipment and conduct important research and clinical trials that help to develop
more effective and less painful treatments for children with burns.

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