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First Words Phonics Pro

发行商: Read 'n' Learn
价格: 3.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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"First Words for Kids Professional" includes words in 5 categories Animals, Vehicles, Shapes n Colours, Household Items and now Numbers. The three different hint alternatives (colour hints, letter hints and color and letter hints) combined with five more settings, will challenge your students and help you fine tune the level of difficult. The unique interface, featuring a list of thumbnails, allows students to explore all words and will offer endless hours of fun and education. "First Words for Kids Professional" has been specifically designed to meet the needs of educators in the new learning though touch era.

Featured by Apple on the US App Store in two categories Games/Educational and Games/Kids!!!


"First Words for Kids Professional" introduces a unique way of assisting students to learn reading through Synthetic Phonics, by linking the individual letter and letter combinations with its appropriate sound and effectively demonstrating the blending of sounds to achieve word pronunciation.
There are two setting levels available:
1. “Synthetic Phonics Basic”: Is aimed in introducing Synthetic Phonics to students. Simple words are only presented and students are introduced to blending (drawing individual sounds together to pronounce a word) with basic phonemes (the smallest single identifiable sound).
2. “Synthetic Phonics Advanced”: Words and letter sounds of greater complexity are introduced that include graphemes (a group of letters representing one sound), digraphs (two letters making one sound which is different from the sound either can make alone) and letters that have more than one sounds.


● Learn letter sounds through two levels of synthetic phonics and letter names.
● Learn the words and how to spell.
● Learn to recognise letters (upper and lowercase) and match them to words.
● Unique navigation that allows students to explore all the animals.
● Tap the image of the animal to discover its sound and learn its name.
● User interface specifically developed for children fingers.
● Engaging and colorful artwork with amazing sound effects and animations
● Studio recording of letters, words and spelling.
● Three different hint alternatives (color hints, letter hints and color and letter hints.)
● 121 words in five categories Animals, Vehicles, Shapes n Colour, household Items and Numbers.
● Six different settings to increase difficulty as students learn.
● Special alert reminding you to switch to Flight Mode (in iPhone only).


We follow the "Know what's inside" best practices for kids' apps, set by MOMs with Apps.


At ReadnLearn your children's privacy and safety is our priority that is why our app: 

◇ Does not collect/share any user's personally identifiable information. 
◇ Does not contain Social Network Integration or other Social Features. 
◇ Does not contain ads. 
◇ Does not contain In-App Purchases. 
◇ Contains "Feedback" and "Tell a Friend" buttons, behind a parental gate.
◇ Contains a "More Games" button and corresponding page, behind a parental gate. 

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ABOUT ReadnLearn

At ReadnLearn we love what we do, developing fun and educational applications for children. We are a passionate and committed small team of parents, who are graphics artists and developers. Our team is augmented by educators and our own children, our awesome beta testing team!

If you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback please email us at
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