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发行商: FAVARY, Inc.
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad



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"Can't be friends with you anymore.."
A love story of high school students who meet in their second year and gradually find their first love.

- Boy x Girl(Otome)
- Boy x Boy(BL)
- Girl x Girl(GL)

Love can come in many forms.
Enjoy in one app the different kinds of love.

Second year of high school, they meet each other....and this was the start of their "First Love Story". Many shapes of "First Love" gradually begin to bloom.
・A love story frustrating moving only one step at a time.
・A love story which begins from a lie.
・A love story that evolves from being friends.
・A love story of complementing each other.
What will happen to their "First Love Story"..?

◆Game Description
Advancing is easy. Simply by tapping the screen, you can advance the game, and choose your favorite type of story (Otome, BL, or GL). By the choices you make during the story, you can obtain beautiful stills, and enjoy sweeter developments. This game is free to download and can be enjoyed with no charge. However, an internet-connected device is necessary to play.

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◆Company presentation
Manga, anime, novels, movies, music…
Today various kinds of entertainment are at your fingertips.
The more favorites we can have, the more fun everyday will be.
- I wish I could experience that...
- I want to meet that kind of character...
- I want to immerse myself in that world...
We wanted to help you fulfill your desires and that's how favary was born.
We truly hope you include "First love signal" as one of your favorites.


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