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The Fitness Calculator is a simple tool that allows you to easily achieve your goals (weight gain, weight loss or maintain your current weight).

It includes:

-Daily Calories Intake Calculator: can be used to estimate the calories you need to consume each day depending on your goals (weight gain, weight loss or maintain your current weight). The formula used here allows you to calculate approximately your body fat percentage.

-Macronutrient Calculator: To maximize the fat loss and muscles gain you can also calculate and customize your macronutrients using the Macronutrient Calculator. In this calculator you can create your own macros OR you can use the system macros for the following diets:
- Atkins
- Very Low Carb - Ketogenic
- Low Carb
- High Fat/Low Carb
- Moderate
- High Carb
- Zone Diet
The Macronutrient Calculator also gives you a meal example for the selected calories and macros.

- Diet Planner: With the diet planner you can precisely plan your calories and macros for the different days of the week that can be different for workout and no workout days. With this tool you can cycle your calories and carbohydrates in order to break plateaus, accelerate fat loss, maintain lean body mass and prevent your metabolism from slowing down. Here you can create your own cycles or you can use the predefined system cycles.

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