Flick Basketball Hoops Win: Perfect Toss Champions

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Are you ready to have some fun with a new challenge? The rules of the game are simple: toss the ball into the hoop! But do you really think you have what it takes?

As you move through multiple scenery your basketball hoop is ready and waiting to catch whatever you throw his way. Not only do the scenes change, what you're throwing changes, too, so you're constantly kept on your toes with this one!

The amazing, vivid graphics are a par above what you usually see and make playing the game even more exciting. The more you play, the more bonus points you can rack up. Share your score online to see how you're stacking up against everyone else!

If you're ready to test your skills and take on the challenge, then so is he! Aim square and throw!

* Great for all ages
* Amazing graphics
* Universal app supports iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
* Addictive Gaming

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