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Floatcard - Parallax Animator

发行商: Papoj Thamjaroenporn
价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Add an entirely new dimension to your photos. Combine multiple 2D layers into an immersive parallax animation that you can interact with! No prior 3D knowledge required.

Our users have used Floatcard to:
• Create unique content for their social media.
• Promote businesses with eye-catching parallax animation.
• Make memorable and immersive personal memories.
• Connect with loved ones during special occasions like birthdays, Valentine's Day, with interactive e-cards.

==== Redefine Your Photos and Images ====
• Bring photos, illustrations, and compositions to life with parallax effect.
• Place hidden gems behind a subject that delight your friends and loved ones.
• Stack up multiple photos and transparent images to create a mesmerizing masterpiece.

==== Play with Your Own Creation ====
• Feel the depth while you animate a Floatcard in real time with touch.
• Virtual Image Stabilization makes your animation run buttery smooth.

==== Multiple Ways to Share ====
• Share as a video or a GIF in just a few taps with Motion Presets.
• Share the full experience to any Floatcard app users (+) with a handcrafted file format, or export the files for backup purposes.

==== Intuitive Parallax Editing ====
• Drag just a single slider to fine tune parallax effect of a single layer.
• Multiple canvas-wide options to fine tune your work as a whole.

==== Powerful Extract Tool for Background Removal ====
• Remove background of a layer without the need to trace edges precisely.
• Refine any mistakes with Brush and Eraser Tools to perfect your cutout details.

==== Layering System that Adapts to You ====
• Clutter-free Layer Panel design. A parallax slider only appears below the layer that interests you.
• Change a layer's parallax value, and the layer automatically repositions itself to keep everything sorted.

==== Canvas Content Creation ====
• Insert up to 20 layers that you can interact with and animate in real time.
• Choose an aspect ratio that fits perfectly on any iOS device.
• Import JPEGs, PNGs, or HEICs.

==== Non-Destructive, Undoable Editing ====
• Background-removed image remembers your mask even after you close the document. You can always refine your cutout selection or even completely revert back to the originally imported image.
• When you scale an image down, it won’t be rasterized into a smaller size.
• Full suport of Undos and Redos.

==== Document-Based Design ====
• What you create stays with you as files that you can always re-edit or export.
• Incremental saving.
• Beautiful gallery for your Floatcards, all in one place.

Visit our Instagram @floatcardapp to see what you can create with Floatcard.


Disclaimer: Floatcard is currently focused on creating and experiencing the animated parallax effect, and will work best when combining photos taken from similar lighting conditions, or layers from the same composition. We plan to add more image editing tools in future releases.

(+) May requires purchase of additional copies of the app. You can share Floatcard files to any supported iOS device using the same Apple ID, or with Family Sharing, for free.

Music: Tenderness from


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