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发行商: Virtual Immersive Educational Worlds, Inc.
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad



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Why have a half million people around the world downloaded FluentWorlds to learn English?

It is because FluentWorlds provides a truly new and amazing way for learning English on mobile devices - it is the first fully-immersive mobile app for learning English that takes users through real-world situations, conversations and scenarios in beautiful 3D levels.

Why is this 3D immersive method so important?

It is because, to learn any new language, as scholars and students agree it is most effective to be immersed in the places and situations that allow you to practice that new language as it helps with speed of learning, retention, recall, and memory - indeed, it is far superior to simply memorizing words on flashcards in a classroom!

FluentWorlds: Features and Benefits

- Prompts, feedback, and tutorials in nearly 20 different languages to get you started quickly, from Spanish to Mandarin to French and more

- A 200,000 word dictionary to help you translate between your native language and the new English words you're learning quickly and easily.

- 3,000 of the most common spoken English words taught across a series of games and scenarios

- 55 different adventures in real-world places and situations from Central Park to Las Vegas to the grocery store, office, movie theater, and more

- Advanced voice recognition and speech analysis to help you perfect your spoken English accent and pronunciation

- Over 100 hours of training content with a map, word counter and assessment levels to help you track your progress as you learn

- And many more!

What language and technology experts are saying about FluentWorlds:

Jeff Adams, Father of the Amazon Echo and world leader in Voice Recognition Technology:

"Since leaving Amazon and successfully launching the Echo, I have been searching for the next great thing - remarkably, it is immersive language learning. I am delighted to be partnering with FluentWorlds. Together we are creating something to enable the world to learn English and languages in a way that has never been done before.”

Nick Macey: Former Chief Product Officer, Rosetta Stone:

"The FLUENTWORLDS environment provides a revolutionary opportunity for teaching language. By blending an immersive environment with its teaching capabilities, I believe it will become the preferred way for learners to learn.”

Tim Doner - HyperPolyglot and 2nd year Harvard student; can speak 22 languages:

"Wow! Been playing the FluentWorlds app for weeks and it looks incredible. The little touches all add up to a truly thrilling product. So excited to see the future of language learning brought to you by FluentWorlds."


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Muy buena y divertida forma de aprender ingles



Brilliant and immersive way to learn English. Better than any competing app.


Good app

I like this app


Está bien la app

Estaría bien un pago único





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