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With Fly Buys you can get rewarded for the things you do every day. Get points at lots of places around NZ, then use them to choose the rewards you want - from household goods to the latest tech gear, vouchers to travel. Plus, you can get extra benefits like instant fuel discounts at Z.

Key features of the app:
- Digital card: free up your wallet by using the digital Fly Buys card - this can now be used at our main retail partners: New World, Z Energy, Noel Leeming, Liquorland.
- For even faster access to your digital card, use the App widget (available for iOS 10.3+ )
- Latest deals: never miss out on an offer - check the home screen to see what's new.
- Find places to earn nearby.
- Keep track of your points (and we'll let you know if you have points expiring)
- Get rewards ideas, plus easy links to the mobile optimised rewards store.

Location Services:
- The app uses location services to provide content that is relevant for your area / nearby.
- If you have location services turned off, you may miss out on some local offers.

- This is only used if you use the camera to scan your card barcode to sign in, instead of typing in your Fly Buys number.

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