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Flyer Maker, Banner Ads Maker

发行商: Krupali Gadhiya
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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You don't need a graphic designer to create a professional advertising graphic design for your business. We've designed a good collection of advertising posters and it is editable through this app.

Key Features:
1. Easy to use
2. High-level customization support
3. Various collection of professional and beautiful flyer templates
4. Cool sticker collection with adding your own option
5. Add text with multiple fonts and text effects
6. Change background from gallery or from background collection
7. Multiple layers
8. Shapes Collection
9. Text Arts Collection
10. Share on social media

Why flyers can help promote your special event.
While social media certainly has its benefits in helping to promote events and generate some awareness and create a buzz around them, it’s also important to remember some of the tried and tested marketing techniques that have been used for years. One such technique is direct marketing and using flyers to promote your event.

Just select an graphic design template
There’s no need to start from scratch, we’ve got many free graphic templates and created by professional designers to get you started on your business flyers.

4 Reasons to use flyers for your special event:

1. Get creative:
If you decide to promote your special event on a flyer there is so much scope to how creative you can get. You will want to make your flyer stand out but also highlight the main message, whether it is a sale or an open day.

2. Reach your audience:
Flyers provide a great platform to promote special events and reach your audience in many ways

3. Measurable:
Use your flyer as a measurement tool to establish how successful your event was and what you can learn for the future. Adding flyer numbers, custom URL’s and QR codes can allow you to monitor how successful your flyer campaign has been.

4. Incentives:
A flyer also provides you with the space to include incentives such as coupon codes and vouchers. This is a great way to try and drum up some interest in your event and also create some early awareness.

Various Categories:

New Year Flyers,
Fashion & Beauty Flyers,
Music Flyers,
Photography Flyers,
Business Flyers,
Sales Flyers,
Chocolate Flyers,
Birthday Flyers,
Fast & Food Flyers,
Fitness Flyers,
Holiday Flyers,
Event Flyers,
Spa Flyers,
Valentine Flyers,
Sports Flyers,
Travel Flyers,
Summer Flyers,
Earth Day Flyers,
Wedding Flyers,
Brazilian Festival Flyers,
Holi Flyers,
Yoga Flyers,
Mother Day Flyers,
Thank You Flyers,
Christmas Flyers
and more..

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This app is made to create an effective poster, poster design, create promotional posters and attractive flyer and is also useful for digital marketing, branding, marketing experts, social media marketing, graphic designing, digital printing, advertising, creating ads, cover photos for your shop, restaurant, office or social sites, typography and artwork

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