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FF: Depth of Field Calculator

发行商: Lukas Schmidt
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FocusFinder is a professional Depth-Of-Field calculator that works for every camera. With quick data entry, intuitive visualizations, and advanced features like precision modes, FocusFinder is the best tool to improve your photography or videos. Almost every camera available is already included, and we will add yours within 48h if it's missing.

FocusFinder calculates at which distances objects will be in focus (i.e., perfectly sharp), and shows you how blurry they will be beyond that. It also shows the hyperfocal distance, to help you get distanced objects perfectly in focus. All this is presented in an intuitive chart, so you can focus on your shot, not your device. You enter the values quickly with the sliders, or manually, for even more precision. To see how different camera settings affect your shot, you can quickly adjust them and view the changes live!

On top, FocusFinder helps you to quickly choose lenses by simulating the focal length with your device’s camera, and it calculates the angle of view for your focal lengths. You‘ll see what effect your focal length and the camera body has on the final frame.

FocusFinder for Apple Watch (included) brings depth-of-field calculations to your wrist. You enter settings with the Digital Crown and instantly see the effects on your depth-of-field. Visualizations were designed specifically for Apple Watch, to make maximal use of the available space. Cameras are synchronized to your main device.

FocusFinder includes almost every camera, and we‘ll add your camera within 48h if it‘s missing. Just drop us a hint from inside the app!

Get FocusFinder now, and take your photography to the next level!

FocusFinder adapts to your setup:
- Add all your camera(s) from the included database and quickly choose between all of them with the quick-switch.
- Use presets for those settings you always use. Or for your prime lenses!
- Choose between different precision modes for different situations, like high-res stills or video.
- If you prefer metric or imperial units, FocusFinder let‘s you choose.
- Hyperfocal mode allows you to directly focus to the hyperfocal distance.
- Try background pictures (only on iPhone) to visualize the current distance range, or remove them for a minimalistic interface.
- Visualize different aspect ratios in the focal length simulator.

FocusFinder calculates every number you need! This includes:
- length of your depth-of-field
- near and far ends of the sharp area
- hyperfocal distance
- angle and width of your field of view (in FoV-mode)


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