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Food and symptoms diary app helps you search for links between diet and symptoms:
- keep track of food, drinks, symptoms, medication use and condition in a diary, using more than 2000 built-in food items or ingredients, or create new food items or symptom types
- take a picture of an ingredient label or a visible symptom and store it in the diary
- view step by step explanation on how to use the app, with text and animations
- create dishes with food items or ingredients that you often eat in combination, so that you can efficiently record your diet in the diary
- discover which symptoms often occur after eating a certain food item, or which food items are often eaten before a certain symptom manifests itself
- analysis of symptoms is sometimes difficult. Consult a dietitian and share a pdf (using email for example) of the diary, or of analyses of links between diet and symptoms
- see the diary notes (including photos) made on your smartphone back on a tablet, and vice versa
- give your care provider or dietitian immediate insight into your food and symptoms diary
- gain insight into the nutritional value of your diet: the app calculates the amount energy (calories), proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins your diet provides. If desired, you can also use the app without displaying the nutritional value of your food

You can use the app if you suspect a food allergy, but also if you think that symptoms are related to food hypersensitivity. In the app's diary you note what you ate and drank, and what your symptoms are, for example stomach or bowel disorders, or skin reactions such as rashes, aggravation of itching, or pimples / acne. In the app's reports you can then see which food item(s) was/were used prior to a specific symptom.


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