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FormConnect Pro

发行商: FormConnections, Inc.
价格: 14.99 USD 支持应用内购买


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FormConnect Pro is an easy to use app for creating business forms for your iPhone and iPad. Its simple design allows you to customize the forms the way you want them to look. It includes all of the standard features of the FormConnect app plus several enhanced features for business professionals.

Standard Features:
• Pre-built form templates.
• Multiple field field types to choose from (text, dates checkbox, drop down, radio buttons, signature, labels, notes, etc.).
• Select from multiple theme types (folder, clipboard, binders etc.) to change the look of the form (iPad Only).
• Touch screen or external keyboard support.
• Capture signatures with a stylus.
• Snap pictures with the built-in camera.
• Import pictures from the photo library.
• Annotate on top of photos.
• Store data locally.
• Import and export records.
• Export data into the following formats: (PDF, CSV, XML, HTML, FMC).
• AirPrint wireless printing support.
• Copying and pasting of fields.
• Aggregate records across multiple iOS devices.
• Pre-populate fields when adding new records.
• Lock a form so it cannot be edited.
• Auto increment a numbered field.
• Adjust the size and length of a field.
• Adjust the font size of a text label.
• Support for horizontal & vertical lines.
• Text formatting (bolding, italicizing and coloring).
• Field Alignment (left, right and center).

PRO Features:
• An enhanced form designer for customizing forms.
• An auto export setting that automates the uploading of forms to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.
• A spreadsheet like function for summing rows and columns.
• A field linking function that links two fields together so that data entered into one field automatically populates the other field.
• A lock setting that prevents records from being altered.
• A required field setting that won't save the record until the field is completed.
• A Kiosk data entry mode.
• A GPS field setting for displaying latitude and longitude coordinates.

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