Foto Beauty - Camera 360 with Photo Editor and Collage Maker

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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Foto Beauty - All-In-One Photo App you will ever need!
Including Pro Cam, Professional Edit, Special Effects, Sticker, Photo Collage with classic layout or freestyle

【Pro Cam】
Foto Beauty is a simple photo taking and sharing app with many live filters, layout, editing, social and secret sharing options.

+ Over 100+ real time filters
+ Live Filters: Preview your photos before you snap.
+ Vignette: Add the Analog film look to your photo.
+ Timer: Go handsfree and selfie stick free. Just set and pose.
+ Exposure: Set how much light to let in, just like a DSLR.
+ Social: Instantly upload to your favorite social media platforms.

【Classic Collage】
Over 200+ styles to suit all your artistic needs! You can easy to change your photo from portrait to square or vice vesa!

+ Add text with more than 40 beautiful fonts
+ Easy to add tag with multiple tag style
+ Easy to share your location with friends

【Freestyle Collage】
Feel free with your imagination!

【3D Touch supported】

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