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Increase the chance of someone finding your device when its lost, enable them to do the right thing by returning it to you with Found My Device App.

Found My Device App lets you display a message on your lock screen widget that lets people contact you when you lost your device.

No need to display your person information such as your name, phone number and email address in your lock screen for contact information. The widget contains a generated website URL that allows the person who finds your device to type it in a web browser and send you a message through our online system. The message will be sent from Found My Device service on behalf of the person who finds it.

Our app is simple to use. 1) Agree to our terms of use, 2) Register your device, and 3) Add Found My Device to your lock screen widget. Follow the wizard that guides you through these steps and takes you to completion along with instructions on how to setup Found My Device widget on the lock screen and your device will be all set.

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