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Foupon - Food Coupons & Deals

发行商: Foupon Inc.
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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Do you know that most of the restaurants accept digital coupons nowadays?

We put all the restaurant coupons into one app. so you won't need to carry coupons around, you won't miss any coupons, and they are always on your phone.

Just open the Foupon app, present to the cashier or scan at the kiosk, you start saving money today.

Available coupons at:
• McDonald's
• Harvey's
• A&W
• Burger King
• Popeye's
• Wendy's
• Taco Bell
• Hero Certified Burgers
• South St. Burger
• Starbucks
• Second Cup
• Country Style
• Mr. Sub
• Quiznos Sub
• Swiss Chalet
• Marble Slab
• Baskin Robbins
• Dairy Queen
• Domino's Pizza
• Papa John's Pizza
• Pizza Hut
• Pizza Nova
• Pizza Pizza
• Boston Pizza
• Little Caesars
• Pizzaville
• Red Robin
• St. Louis
• Wild Wing
• St. Hubert

Foupon is a free restaurant deal and new platform, and is not affiliated with any of the restaurants or restaurant chains.


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4533 条评价

Absolute Garbage

The ads pop up each time you switch screens. No way to close them except to wait for the timer to end. Used to be good, now it’s just trash.


annoying ads

every time open this app,every time I need bear that a lot of ads


Wow is this app ever annoying now.

Who’s genius idea was it to add video adds every single time you open the app now? My guess is you never use / test your own app in real world scenarios because you have clearly have no clue how embarrassing it is to open the app in order to present your coupons at a restaurant only to have it blast a video add whilst doing so every single time. Oh and not just that but the same adds on repeat! Seriously?!? This app used to be so good, not anymore!! I get the need to make revenue but come on! Banner adds I can live with, but not this!


Best fast food discount app

all coupons are in one place for most fast food places that I frequent. I don’t need to have coupon with me and you get to use multiple times


Eye opener

Before I place my order in any fast food restaurant I check the app first and I always find some good deals.I saved a lot of money Thanks 😉


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