FPS 武装 部队 遭遇

发行商: Saad Arshad
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Hey there anti terrorist FPS commando soldier! This is your chance to show your military shooting counter attack skills and become the number one terrorist critical assault commando fighter. You are the best OPS anti terrorist survival commander in chief we have! So it is your mission to fight and end all your OPS terrorist army shooters. Try out your OPS enemy attack shooting skills in this amazing terrorist fighter counter combat simulator.

The OPS strike Commander in chief will be given some thrilling challenges in each frontline missions. Destroy your OPS enemy fighters and become the next best anti terrorist military war chief. You are being trusted with this huge enemy counter assault responsibility. So, make sure you fulfill all your military battleground combat attack duties.

The realistic graphics and extremely realistic physics will make you feel like you are fighting OPS terrorists in the anti terrorist combat attack battleground in real life. Become the best counter terrorist commando warrior by fighting and ending all your Strike OPS terrorist enemies. Enjoy this thrilling OPS SWAT attack shooting adventure and have the thrill of your life.

The amazing sound effects will place you in the enemy strike fighting battle arena and you will feel like a real OPS anti terrorist assault warrior. You can use your awesome assault shooting weapons and feel like a real enemy combat fighter army warrior. Take the pledge and become the best anti terrorist counter attack shooting warrior in the strike battle arena.

- Select the primary weapon that will help you in defeating your battle arena terrorist enemy fighters.
- Thrilling level challenges that will help you in completing your level missions.
- The amazing enemy shooting survival adventure will completely engross you into the game.
- Check out your progress report after your FPS anti terrorism fighting battle ends at the end of the level completion.
- Unlock new level challenges and enjoy the thrilling OPS anti terrorism fighting battleground.
- Unlock new and better enemy fighting counter combat weapons and have the thrill of your life.
- Use grenades to instantly end your anti army terrorist enemies!
- Use the amazing healing kit to instantly heal and power up your health so that you can fight your terrorist frontline war enemies!
- The realistic graphics will make you so absorbed into the anti terrorism counter attack adventure that it will get hard for you to look away!
- The great sound effects will make this terrorist fighting OPS adventure even more realistic for you.

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