French Verb Conjugation Reference

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Having trouble with those pesky French verb endings? Not sure whether you need to double a 't' or add an accent in the present tense? Not sure whether a particular verb has an irregular future form? Not sure how to form the perfect tense?

French Verb Conjugation Reference contains complete verb tables (conjugations) for over 3,500 French verbs. It allows you to quickly search for the verb you need and see at a glance whether that verb has any spelling irregularities. For easy reference, bookmark the verbs that are causing you the most doubt.

NOTE: To suit GCSE/A-Level French students (and intermediate level students generally), only the following verb tenses are displayed by default:

- Present
- Imperfect
- Future
- Conditional
- Present Subjunctive
- Perfect
- Pluperfect

However, the application is capable of displaying all tenses (including Past Historic, Imperfect Subjunctive and all compound tenses). To switch on the option to display all tenses, go to the Settings app.

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