Fruit Boom -Match 3 Game

发行商: Hieu Dam
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价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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*Your mission is an exciting journey with cute fruits to rescue the lost stars, Are you willing to become their savior?
*Fruit Boom's world is built for three match game lovers to start a fruit exploration adventure to save "Lost star";With classic gameplay : Drag, switch, smash and match identical fruits to eliminate them, convert them into flash energy to destroy fruits.
Travel and crush in this fruit world, enjoy cute fruits with legend match 3 game!
- Hundreds of fruit levels to challenge.
- Plan for moves, match & blast to complete sweet fruit missions within certain movers.
- Free & addictive match three casual puzzle game.
- Take over fruit adventure, save the "Lost star", to be the match 3 hero.
- Plan, tap & drag, switch, match three or more in a row to blast fruits.
- Special fruit visual feast: match 5 fruits to trigger successive fruit explosion.
- 3 different world in this fruit's land to explore.

*Let's play and enjoy it !

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